De-Risked High-Efficiency Marketing with Scott Britton

Now, here is a guy worth learning marketing from.

His experiences range from being Team Captain of the Princeton Football team to get his business development job with a cold email ... and then doing business development for SinglePlatform as part of it being acquired for $100 million.

He now lives in Rio de Janeiro and makes a more-than-fulltime income from his blog, Competitive Edge podcast, and courses he's developed.

He knows marketing pretty darn well.

Scott Britton Celebrating After SinglePlatform acquired for $100M

This Is A Fit For Current Entrepreneurs or A Person Who Already Knows With Certainty The Product They Want to Sell

This is not an academic class. This will be a hands-on practical interactive designed to improve your marketing.

This will be the best fit for someone who already is selling a product as an entrepreneur, or who knows with certainty a product they're going to be rolling out.

Scott will go through strategies like --

1. How to meet your market where it’s at... how to identify where prospective customers already hang out, start connecting with them tactfully, and have them help you hone your offersings and get excited to buy. This will include specific tactics and actions. Again, this is live and interactive so Scott will work with you to identify places for the class.

2. How create content that influencers will spread... Scott was able to "come out of nowhere" and have his Lifelong-Learner blog take off rapidly by connecting with top influencers in business, marketing, and productivity. Part of this is getting the right types of content and media. The other part of it is...

3. Identifying influencers and building relationships with them... Scott will help you do this, hands-on, using the proven strategies he's used in the past.

4. How to crack the code to success on popular marketplaces like Amazon and iTunes... or whatever the marketplace is for your space. In addition to great people skills, Scott's got great analytical skills and can help you break into high-traffic high-visibility marketplaces. (He hit #1 on Amazon in business and his podcast built a great listenership very quickly.)

5. How to get more out of content you’ve already created... re-purpose your past works to get it working harder  for you.

Normally Scott charges $250 per hour for 1-on-1 coaching. This live class will cost only $99. You'll get to learn and get hands-on practical guidance. You'll also quite likely make new and driven friends.


There is of course a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you're not overwhelmed, you can no-questions-asked get a courteous refund. You're going to love it, though. And all proceeds go to charity.

The class will be held 

Monday August 4th at 6PM Pacific time (9PM Eastern time)

There are 10 spots available. Sign-on instructions will be sent once you join. 

Come level up your marketing with Scott Britton, and see you on the 4th!



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