Crowdfunding and the Future of Oil Investing w/ Allan Fine - Cofounder of CrudeFunders

 "The Formula for Success: Rise Early, Work Hard, Strike Oil."– J. Paul Getty

This is an invitation to learn about the biggest change in petroleum financing in 80 years - and how an opportunity once limited to only the richest Americans is now available to all.  This is a chance to learn about the most important form of energy in the world - and how recent laws have altered the industry forever.  This is also a once in a lifetime chance to see modern technologies like the internet and the information availability it provides fundamentally change the world and the markets for incredible important assets.

What is the fastest growing funding mechanism in the world?

What makes America unique about oil producing nations?

How have people invested in oil for the past 80 years, and what happened on May 16th, 2016 that changed that forever?

What is the difference between investing in a large oil company's stock and investing directly in the wells that produce the oil?

On May 16th, 2016 Title 3 of the SEC Jobs Act was passed.  For 80 years before this  there were boundaries on small scale investors investing in businesses and certain projects - and most Americans were limited to an investment portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds and bank accounts.  Meanwhile accredited investors were allowed to invest directly in businesses and certain projects - often with unique tax advantages or different risk profiles.   All of this has changed and in incredible ways.  There is now an open market to invest in American oilfields.


Two years ago this restriction was lifted on Texans.  Three months ago this restriction was lifted on all Americans.  Now, for the first time in most American's lives, equity crowdfunding is available to all.  Recent advances in financing and information technology have allowed unprecedented access to information about projects - lowering the risk and increasing the ability of regular investors to make good decisions about their investments.

In this talk you'll hear from Allan Fine, cofounder of CrudeFunders, first equity crowdfunding platform for the oil industry open to all investors.  He'll discuss the implications of crowdfunding on the entire economy and specifically focus on why oil is a unique field that has desperately needed market-based innovation.  You'll learn about the history of oil investing and prospecting and you'll see the opportunities, both inside and outside of oil, presented by these new SEC regulations from a leader in the field.

You should attend this talk:

  • If you're interested in the future of energy
  • If you're interested in the future of raising funds for business ventures
  • If you're an investor
  • If you want to learn deep information about the current state of the prospecting and oil industry
  • If you have questions about the implications of technology and modern regulation on all existing industries

About Allan Fine

Allan has been involved in startups since he graduated college.  He began his career in the late 90s at a cloud based computing company and developed deep experience in the telecom and technology industries for the next fifteen years. 

In 2012, he recognized the potential impact of Title III of the Federal "JOBS ACT", which would allow non-accredited investors to directly participate in oil and gas projects for the first time in over 80 years. Fueled by Texas’ decision to pass intra-state crowdfunding ahead of the Federal JOBS act Allan relocated to Texas and began assembling a team of Oil and Gas industry experts to found the online marketplace,

About CrudeFunders

CrudeFunders was founded in Dallas in 2012 right after the SEC announced the Jobs act. Allan and his cofounder assembled a team of experts to dissect the implications of Title 3 of the Jobs act and began to move on the opportunity to make a new market in an industry run on telephone sales calls. Now they've sponsored two successful projects - one that is generating the first returns ever from a truly crowdfunded petroleum platform.  CrudeFunders was initially limited to Texas residents but now, as of May 16th, the platform is open to nearly all investing Americans.

This is a unique, one-time opportunity to learn from a visionary in the crowdfunding industry who is revolutionizing the way energy funding is done.  You'll get insight into how America can become energy independent and how Americans have more power than ever to enter the largest industry in the world.  Only ten people will get the opportunity to hear from and ask questions to Allan and all proceeds go directly to an effective charity.

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  • You'll be able to send questions beforehand so you can learn what you want to learn
  • You'll meet the founder of one of the most innovative companies in America only months after what he's created became possible and learn the major opportunities presented.

Only ten people get this chance to support a good cause and learn from Allan at this critical time.  Make sure you're one of them.

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