Connect with Your Dream Mentors with Tim Kenny

There’s a fact that many entrepreneurs (and others) ignore: People who want to rapidly accelerate their growth need a mentor.


Why? Mentors offer…

       1. Wisdom that can only be gained through experience

       2. Emotional support that is often neglected in entrepreneurship

       3. Strategic advice from someone who has been in your shoes

       4. Connections to people in their network

       5. Business mindset

       6. Feedback on your projects

       7. Prioritizing your tasks


The trick is finding someone who is a good match for you and find a way to offer them something that they value. This is a point many people miss:

The mentor-mentee relationships isn’t a one-way street. It’s supposed to be mutually beneficial.

The solution is to approach getting a mentor from a proactive perspective. Most people wait and hope that a mentor will show up into their lives. You can probably guess how often this works.

The general process of building a relationship with a mentor is as follow: creatively find a way to meet them and connect, ask for small bits of advice, and offer something to them (hint: this something is often something they need emotionally, not physically).

But what do you do when you don’t regularly run into people who could serve as potential mentors?

That is what this class is all about. You will learn a system for finding the best potential mentors, contacting them with a compelling message, and deepening the relationship over time.


Course Highlights:

- Where to find the top experts who will help you for free (and how to approach them)

- Identifying watering holes where experts hang out – online and offline

- How to maintain a good mentor/mentee relationship

- How to give value to your mentor

- How to attract mentors to you

- How to understand new concepts and get high quality information out of experts who are bad at explaining things

- The top 10 questions to ask an expert to deconstruct a new subject fast

The class will include example templates for your email messages, phone calls, and in person meetings. You will also be given access to a document where you can keep track of all your communications and will be provided with a simple checklist to organize your regular weekly or monthly check-ins with your mentor.

Mentorship is a crucial piece of the self-development puzzle that most people overlook. Don’t be most people.


Tim’s course usually sells for $97 (already too cheap, in my opinion). Because of the charitable nature of GiveGetWin, we’ve lowered the price to only $29.

Imagine the impact a mentor could have in your life. Could an experienced new friend help you be happier? More productive? More successful?

Now stop imagining and take action. Sign up below.

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