Class on Attracting Life-changing Mentors: Sam Hysell

This is a class on How to Attract Life Changing Mentors. It will be held on Monday September 7th at 5PM Eastern (2PM Pacific) for $15.00 with ten spots available.
It's a great opportunity to learn from a young entrepreneur who knows how to find great mentors, and to get a jumpstart on having the best possible life.


So you're thinking about turning your idea into a thriving business, but where should you start? How narrow should your target audience be? How do you reach out to them?

Maybe you already started your company, but don't see the results or growth you were expecting.

Perhaps mentorship is the answer?

Meet Sam Hysell.

Sam Hysell is a young entrepreneur living the life of his dreams - not even a year after graduating college.

  • Partner in a successful company
  • Traveling the world to train entrepreneurs
  • Leading workshops that help hundreds of start ups

How did he achieve all this? Ambition? Great leadership? No. Mentors.

Sam attributes his success to his mentors. 

He says "Attracting life-changing mentors isn't something you shouldn't leave up to chance. It is one of the most effective ways to make more money with your business or land your dream job and live the life you've always dreamed of."

In this class you'll have the chance to get key advice on how to identify role models, connect with them and turn them into mentors -- also a unique opportunity for a Q&A about your personal goals and how to achieve them.

Sam is a great guy to learn from: he's proven his teaching mettle as an adjunct instructor in StartUp Institute, community champion in MovesTheNeedle and to 2,000+ students on Udemy.

You'll enjoy learning from this young, successful entrepreneur for only $15.00 on Monday September 7th at 5PM Eastern.

There are 10 spots available: once you sign up, instructions on how to join the class will be sent to you via email within a day -- and you'll enjoy learning hands-on from Sam and making 

You'll have the chance to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and learn how to find role models online, how to reach out to them and build a long-lasting mentorship relationship.

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