Graduating Doesn't Have to Suck! Finding your Dream Job (for Recent Alumni)

This is a hour long webinar and question/answer session with Adam Saven of campuskudos, on of the fastest growing career start-ups in the Nation. It'll happen on Saturday, August 29nd at 2 PM EST via Google Hangout. The price will be $5, with 100% of the proceeds to charity.

It's a session for you if you've:

  • Graduated recently into a career path you're not happy with
  • Realized your college major isn't what you wanted, and need to switch
  • Thought about trying to make your life more meaningful


Why are so many driven and successful people not happy with life? Maybe you're one of them, sleeping on the train to a prestigious job that you're told 'someone would kill to have' or unhappy at a school that your parents brag about. Adam Saven was one of them too.

Adam grew up outside of San Diego, worked hard throughout high school and won admittance to the University of Pennsylvania. Working even harder, he eventually landed a Wharton grad’s dream job -- an analyst position in the prestigious Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) group of Credit Suisse, on of the largest investment banks in the world. Sounds like an ideal career to you? It wasn't for Adam.

As he says,

"Upon graduating, I was a classic Wharton “success” story, or so I was instructed to believe. I landed a job at a prestigious investment bank, the stated rite of passage to future riches. Yet, it didn’t feel so awesome when my Managing Director told me to “mute my phone line” while the grown-ups talked or informed me there were “only 5 chairs in the conference room” for our meeting with our Fortune 500 software client. Unfortunately, I was the proverbial sixth man, again.
From Dean’s list student to humbled Excel robot, it was not what I imagined for myself. I very quickly grew antsy in my investment-banking role, and on my 365th day, with my year-end bonus in hand, it was time to move on."
Adam then moved on to work in business development at Google in Mountain View (which is a story in itself), and yet again, he found something missing from the nine to five job, and found himself working less than a year later across the road from the Googleplex in a trailer, now on his own start-up. Haven't you ever dreamt of starting your own company?
(The mobile home where Adam's start-up was based).
That start-up failed. 
But Adam didn't give up then. He then founded Campuskudos, a sort of LinkedIn for college students that connects them with mentors to find career happiness. Campuskudos has already raised over $550k in seed funding. More importantly, while Adam is still run ragged with meetings and work, he is happy. Ever wish you had a career like that?

In this hour-long class for 10 people. Adam will share his own experiences and learnings from mentoring numerous college students about how to not only find a job, but find your passion in life. Since he wants this to be the most valuable for you, there will be a brief question and answer period for you to get individualized coaching from Adam. 



Specifically, Adam will share with you:

    • How to find your 'dream' job?
    • Practical strategies for finding opportunities where there aren't job postings
    • Tips for finding killer mentors & advisers
    • Lessons from starting a company and raising funding 
There is of course a 100% satisfaction guarantee; if you're not overwhelmed, you can no-questions-asked get a courteous refund. You're going to love it, though. And all proceeds go to charity.

    Adam is making 10 spots available through GiveGetWin. It will happen on Saturday, August 29th at 2 PM. The price will be $5 with all the proceeds to charity. (This is significantly discounted from many less experienced career coaches, who often charge upwards of $100/hr, and is just stupid cheap). Thank you for joining in, and here's wishing you happiness in your career and life. 

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