Class: Basics of the Music Business For New Music Producers, by Leo Bescotti

Leo Bescotti will share with new music producers the basics of how to get into the industry and start making a living.

The class will be for one hour, available online, with only 10 people there. Leo will present and then take your questions. It's a great way to learn from someone who knows the current state of the industry and is making a solid living doing what he loves -- and potentially to make new friends at the same part of the journey.

These days, technology has shaken up the music industry. Record companies have less of a hold and the industry is not just about breaking through those gates any more. You can go direct to talented people you want to work with.

Leo says,

"As a producer, when I look out for talents to produce, I look for festival opening acts, young people that are just starting out. Those are good people to approach; they haven’t signed anywhere yet -- but they’re talented."

Leo's background is from Berklee College of Music. Before even graduating, he was able to start producing artists that he really likes and respects, and is hitting the ground running in his music career.

He was awarded an "accomplished music producer" scholarship and was selected to mentor Berklee freshmen about music production -- before graduating.

This class should most appeal to people that have a strong music sense already and have technical skills, but want to understand how to reach out, find talented people to work with, and understand what's possible in the music business right now -- both for the short term and the long term.

Veteran music business people might know most of this already -- but might just get a key insight or two from a fast-rising, doing-lots-with-minimal-resources type of young music producer.

The class will be held online at lunchtime on Monday, 17 August. This will 1PM Eastern (Noon Central, 10AM Pacific)

The price is only $14.95 and all of the proceeds go to charity; Leo's skills would be billed out much higher, but he's happy to be doing a good thing and look forward to meeting young and talented people to share insights.

There will be a lecture portion of his class as he goes over notes, and then there will be time for Q&A so you can get feedback on your career and current status personally -- all attendees will be able to communicate with each other, so this might be a nice opportunity to make some friends and people at a same level of career development as you.

There was 10 spots available, at $14.95 -- please order now to reserve your spot, and we will send you send confirmation details on how to log on to the class and connect. 

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