Christopher Ponzi Helps You Discover Your Own Artistic Style



Christopher Ponzi is a pretty unique, talented, and successful artist. This coming Sunday, 23 August 10AM, he will be holding a small group interactive class on how to discover and fine-tune your own personal style.

To make it in a world where designers sell their work on Fiverr for peanuts, you need to stand out and have a uniqueness about you. Think about artists that command huge professional success -- they have a mix of great craft, yes, and also a uniqueness about them. Think Banksy or Andy Warhol.

Do you stand out, or does your art look generic? Are you commanding attention and premium rates through a mix of craftsmanship and uniqueness?

Christopher Ponzi will help explore this with you this coming Sunday on the class. As an author, artist, activist, and start-up co-founder he's relentlessly sought outlets for his creativity, and inspirations to integrate into his style.

Chris has run some pretty cool companies:

Co-Founder and Creative DIrector - Rebellious Truths
Co-Founder / Brand Badass - Simply Travel
Co Founder and Creative Conductor - Fair Trade Films


His book Counting Sheep In Chaos.

Unique artistic collaborations of poetry and video:

From picking grapes on a vineyard in Argentina to collaborating on inventive projects merging poetry and video to founding various startups, Chris is always seeking out new experiences to cultivate or expressing his creativity and believes it is innate in us all.

Do you want to tap some of that knowledge? The class is only $10 to attend with 100% of the proceeds going to charity.

Please consider yourself invited!

There are 8 spots available to keep this intimate -- you'll have time to ask questions about your own work style, learn from Christopher, and get hands-on personalized advice.

The details again, good sir:

When: Sunday, 23 August at 10AM PST

Who: Christopher Ponzi

What: Live interactive class, 100% for charity, on getting a more unique style in your art.

For me?: If you're an artist, yes. Unless you're doing corporate art only, then maybe not.

Why: Because it makes the difference these days -- aside from a more meaningful life, it also means more commissions and better rates.

How: You'll get login instructions when you order.

Should I be there?: Or be square, hombre.

Click below to join -- there's 8 spots available -- and see you this Sunday.

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