A Habit-Setting, Life-Building, Creativity-Enhancing "Breakthrough Session" With Tynan

What's the difference between someone who is fully engaged, doing work they love, with no need for distractions or procrastination...? What makes life fully engaging and thrilling? How do people consistently face up to the difficult challenge of being authentic in their work and artistic pursuits every single day? How do some people create more in a day than most people create in months? The answer is surprisingly simple...

See, there are two ingredients that are needed to become an hugely successful blogger (or a hugely successful anything). Just two, that belong to every single person who has ever done a great job at anything ever.

Success Ingredient #1: Work Hard, Work Often

There is no easy route, no magic bullet. All successful people in the world work hard.

They consistently out-smart, out-try, out-focus and out-work everyone else. They devote their whole lives, at least for a time, to a single pursuit. They hustle and create and fail and reiterate again and again and again until they reach the level of mastery.

Benjamin Franklin spend 30 years of his life focusing all his energy on printing & books before becoming one of the key players in USA's path to independence. Hard work.

Richard Branson spent over four years failing business after business before he had the first minor success that would lead to him becoming one of the most famous billionaires of the 20th century. Hard work.

Steve Jobs built Apple from scratch, then built NExT from scatch, turned a small team of video editors into Pixar, and then jumped back in to rescue Apple and completely revolutionize the worlds of music, phones, and hand held computers. Hard. Work.

Every successful person in history has put in an abundance of hard work to get there. But hard work alone is not enough...by itself, hard work will have your running in circles until the wheels fall off.

To complete our success forumula, you need...

Success Ingredient #2: Find Great Habits, And Stick To Them

This is the side of success that we almost never get to see. The integrated mindsets, habits, philosophies and rituals that make up the lives of every successful role model you've ever had.

The uber successful are laser-focused, ever-improving, 80/20-using masters who surround themselves with a set of habits to clear their minds, focus their efforts, and prepare them for days of of high intensity creation and productivity.

They know what they're doing tomorrow.

They know how to minimize the time required, maximize the chance of success, and hustle to reach any goal.

They wake up in the morning to an pre-planned routine, and go to bed with another one.

They automate the majority of their actions and thoughts so they can save their high level creatvity for the stuff that really matters.

Tim Ferriss follows Stoicism, Pareto, and DiSSS & CaFE learning methods.

Gary Halbert did his "road work" every morning, and his fasting every week. 

Without a set of great processes & mindsets, the first ingredient is impossible. Life, with all it's distractions & choices & variety will get in the way every time, and you'll find yourself confused as to what your working for, or else lost somewhere in the jungle of Reddit when you're supposed to be creating.

In the golden words of Charles Noble, "First we make our habits, then our habits make us".

And today is all about you making the habits that will make you a hard working, value creating, life loving master.

You could experiment and buy and study and fail and learn for years and years to make these habits.


You could spend an hour learning in an intimate group with a guy who's already mastered the art of great habits & hard work, along with four other highly motivated and driven people.

You could learn from one who knows the right habits & mindsets & how to teach them to you, who will work personally with you on the key points to make a breakthrough.

You could learn from a guy like Tynan.

Using The Two Ingredients, Tynan...

  • Works 10-14 hour days, every day, and loves it. 
  • Publishes 2 quality packed blog posts a week, picked as the best from that week's seven. We're talking masterpieces like this & this & this on a regular basis. 
  • Runs a community of thousands of active readers and writers on his blog, who are always  talking and sharing and adding value to eachother's lives. 
  • Is leading the charge in creating the all new blogging platform, SETT, which has completely revolutionized the way blog readers participate and comment on their blogs. 
  • And still has spare time to teach himself Japanese, the violin, and coding. 
And, exclusively for GiveGetWin, Tynan is making himself available for an intense, personalized, breakthrough session to help you set your habits, goals, passions, and emotions running better than ever.  To share his knowledge of how to turn yourself into a goal reaching, value creating, habit forming, hard working master. 

By the end of your time with Tynan, you will know how to... 

  • Build consistency in your daily practice to get done the things you want to get done... whether that be doing great writing every day, or any other discipline you're passionate about and want to get results from.
  • Get strategies to manager chaos, travel, distractions, and keep the stuff that you love, cut the noise, and be able to focus on your work.
  • Learn how to manage your emotions better -- make your happiness and enjoyment internally based and under your own control
  • If you're a blogger, entrepreneur, or leader, learn about building a thriving & active community that consistently grows itself and  shares value with you and each other. 
  • Build mental & physical environments that turn you into a prolific value creating machine, regardless of what's going on in the external world. 
  • Develop iron focus so that nothing can distract you from your work. 
  • Set up daily rituals that ensure you stay productive & in a state of enjoyment all day
  • Train yourself to work extremely hard, for 10-14 hours a day...and love it. 
  • Blast through writer's block, coder's block, and the hardest kinds of work without procrastinating. 
  • And, finally, use a method of goal setting that will make any goal almost impossible to fail

On top of that, for people new to SETT, you can get a you'll get a free three-month premium subscription to Tynan's excellent blogging and community platform.

SETT leads to significant already increases comments and engagement from site visitors, and most importantly -- it starts building a community and getting people you know to interact with each other.   It being improved upon daily, and will only get better in the next few months. This subscription usually costs $19 per month, and it's only available to a small beta group that’s currently waiting in line for the chance to sign up.

But you can get a pro SETT blogging account, right now, for free...and you can use it to launch your community and popularize your blog way faster than you ever could with any other platform.

To recap, you're going to be a member of a small group. Before you start, Tynan will have some questions for you to identify the area you want to improve -- so you can see your own path to skill improvement in action, and experience other people sharing where they're at who could become excellent friends, colleagues, and part of a great support network as you make changes. This session is geared around setting up your life for major breakthroughs, major enjoyment, and quality of life. And as a bonus, you get three months of premium SETT for free.

The value? Hundreds of dollars. The cost? Through GiveGetWin, Only $40.

Take a minute and pause to imagine: how would your life be different if you could spend time on your core passion each day, whether that be doing engaging and authentic writing, coding, making music, or building your business... what if you had sustained energy through great habits all day?... and still had times for hobbies related to learning, travel, and artistic expression, like picking up a new language or life skill on the side? If you knew a process to goal setting that makes failure near impossible, and great success nearly inevitable? How quickly would your dream goals become your reality? How soon would you're life change radically?

It's a tantalizing concept isn't it.

Now, Tynan spends most of his days building SETT, blogging, and adventuring. He free time is limited, and he's graciously making a five spots available through GiveGetWin.

If you want to spend more time on what you love, love more of what you do, get a greater handle on your emotions, build better routines, and see more artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial production... if you want to have your own personal community of likeminded, hardworking, value giving people who learn from and teach you...if you want to learn how to think like, live like, and create like the world's top 1% of bloggers...then this could be a huge boon to you.

After you order, Tynan will survey everyone to find a great mutual working time that accommodates everyone's schedule. You'll be asked to prepare some materials related to what you want to be working on and achieving, and what you feel is holding you back. Then, all this and more will be addressed in the session geared around helping you make immediate breakthroughs -- prepare to have an amazing time learning, growing, and building an exceptional life.

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