Become A Master Of Prose! Mini Writing Workshop With Vasily Andreev

Over here at GGW Headquarters, we were blown away once again by the reception to our second deal. Sebastian's training session sold out just a couple hours after it was announced -- and even more incredibly, a large number of people expressed interest in donating their time and services to GGW and volunteering. We've built up a fantastic team and some of our backend infrastructure over the recent days, and we're thrilled to bring you more fine opportunities to develop yourself alongside great people. Thanks for all the support so far -- we're excited to keep you bringing great opportunities to connect with amazing people, develop yourself and reach your goals, and do some good for the world at the same time.

Why language?

Language rules the world. Fates of nations and empires rest soundly upon the word, and the written word reigns above them all. Becoming a better writer means becoming a better thinker. It means advancing your career prospects. And -- most importantly -- it gives you a way to connect with yourself and others in a monumentally creative fashion.

Today's deal puts you on a path to mastering prose with a personal session and writing workshop with Vasily Andreev.

Writing workshops can be quite expensive for people to attend, and opportunities to get free critiques on their writing can be difficult once you're outside of the academic world. How many of us are surrounded by authors and scholars?

And yet, being able to write better can change your life.

That's where Vasily comes in.

As a devoted scholar and auto-didactic, Vasily has trained himself to a high degree in rationality and clear thought, and translated his generous analytical ability and warm demeanor into a skill at communicating through prose -- that he wishes to share with you.

Vasily is immersed in the world of writing. While studying full-time, he's applied his talent to entrepreneurial projects while simultaneously writing his first 40,000 word novel and reading two to three books per week of various literature.

He's dug in hard into the writing process, and worked to be able to communicate cleanly, clearly, and empathetically with you. He wants you to understand writing and clear thinking better, to help you communicate yourself better, and experience the joy of writing.

Expect to...

*Get motivated to write more

*Improve your writing

*Get exposed to new and different styles

*Use words to convey and bring out emotion in people reading your writing

*Meet a number of cool and lovely potential friends at the same time

Are you new to fiction writing and want to sharpen your mastery of the craft? Do you want to know all the standard concepts of writing used by every author from Hemingway to Stephen King? Or are you a more advanced writer who is looking for fresh feedback? Yes? This deal is for you.

The Experience

You'll receive two kinds of instruction. First, you'll do a one-on-one preparatory session. With Vasily will go hands-on with you with a piece of writing you've already written to analyze it and bring out the best in your craft. If you’re only just starting to write, that’s fine -- Vasily is happy to guide the early stages of creativity in writing, so that you create good stories and enjoy doing it.

If you've got a pre-prepared piece of writing, Vasily will go through it carefully with you. He will draw out the strengths in your writing, and shine a spotlight on areas where you can bring greater clarity and focus to bear. Craft around more exciting and stronger verbs, eliminate that damn passive voice, show instead of tell, and kill off all those -ly's that haunt your writing.

Excessive adverbs will fall to your mighty pen, your voice will sing through the page, and your stories will move greater emotion in your dear readers.

Get customized suggestions that will improve every piece you write. And Vasily goes beyond that, personally aiding your creative process to help you stay motivated and tackle larger beasts of writing. Have you wanted to write a novel? Then you'll want all the motivation and technique assistance you can find.

And that's just the prep session.

After you've prepared, there will be an online workshop for all the members of this writer's group together. This way, you get feedback not only from Vasily, but also from other readers and lovers of the written word. You'll have time to share your story and piece, and get some fantastic feedback. You're going to learn immensely from the experience, and meet new friends and kindred spirits in the process.

What will you take away?

-- Useful personal and group feedback
-- Suggestions for your writing experience
-- Well rounded approach to writing
-- Advice on achieving your writing goals
-- Explanations on topics from style to the difference between passive and active voice
-- A non-judgemental way to get critiqued
-- A tight-packed session
-- Suggestions for books and writing apps
-- Option to follow up with later work
-- Potential long-term writing partners and friends!

You have an opportunity here to get in on some writing coaching a workshop for a fraction of what they normally cost. Vasily Andreev is steeped in the world of the written word, and has attended and deconstructed many workshops himself, studied tomes of how to write well and synthesized the information, and he's got a friendly, warm, and encouraging demeanor. 

Vasily is making four spots available of this wonderful opportunity: every participant will get a personal individual session, and the opportunity to meet and greatly gain from the joint workshop. Vasily will coordinate with you to find the perfect time for your sessions, and block out an hour for interaction (plus a little extra time at the end if you'd like to chat). The value you're going to get from this for your new grip on prose, the ability to critique your writing and getting critiqued? Massive. The normal price for this kind of instruction? High. The price to you? Only $20, available at this great value due to the charitable nature of the project.

Don't lose a moment to indecision -- this is a great chance to improve your writing, get candid yet empathetic feedback to unleash more of your creativity, and connect with some wonderful people. There's four spots -- claim yours today.

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