Achieving Wellness and Reducing Stress for the Overworked and Burnt-Out with Antonio Valladares

In this one-hour webinar you will learn methods to reduce your physical and mental stress as a busy individual, become mentally resilient, and bypass the nonsense of peer pressure and the mainstream wellness industry.

Antonio Valladares is an award winning New York City fitness and wellness coach with expertise in movement & exercise science, stress management, and nutrition. He offers a fascinating perspective with a background in outdoor action sports, yoga, various styles of martial arts, scuba-diving, and even punk-rock world touring. Antonio specializes restorative fitness– with people who are burnt out from lifestyle or diet.

The first part of the webinar will consist of Antonio sharing his personal experiences and advice, and the second part will conclude with a question-and-answer session for attendees to ask specific, personalized questions. 

He'll teach you a holistic (body and mind) model of health as not only a coach, but also an elegant presenter.

"There is a difference between the art and the science of wellness. Scientists are not awesome at communicating. I’m trying to bridge the gap and encourage scientific literacy. But I’m also an artist. I’m trying to be science based, and also artful in the way I communicate and inspire people. Without the art of elegant communication, it's almost impossible to educate and help people no matter how good the information you're conveying is."

After consulting financial industry clients in Manhattan, he has witnessed dangerous tendencies in the professional world. 

"Stress has become viewed as normal. Overworking and being under-slept is considered a virtue– and that couldn't be more wrong.
(1) There is a structural issue in the way our professional world has developed. The illusion of success. 
(2) In my experience, people pursuing health and fitness pursue ideas that they think are helping but can often cause more stress themselves."

One of the biggest barriers for people to achieve wellness is the confusion in the wellness industry, with counterproductive information being the most accessible, and "positive-thinking” life coaching being used inappropriately.

“What I’m trying to do is present really simple concepts that will improve the quality of your life, get people strong (physically and mentally), and reduce stress. The wellness industry is a $3 trillion industry and it’s full of nonsense or useless ideas. You have to get some education to understand that unfortunately."

This class is perfect for you if:
• you’re a busy, ambitious person who finds it hard to maintain your health and regulate your stress
• you are chronically overworked and don’t know what it feels like to escape anxiety
• you’re unsure of what to follow among the myriad of conflicting views in the wellness and fitness industries 
• you have trouble dealing with criticism around your personal life goals and projects
• you need a personal mind and body reset (travel, cool experiences, etc.)

The 60-minute webinar with Antonio Valladares will be held via Google Hangouts. 
After you sign up, you'll be surveyed on what the best times for you are, and Antonio will do his best to accommodate the largest number of people. It will be in daytime in North America, but we'll work to make sure the hours fit as many international people as possible.

Only 10 spots available. Reserve your spot below and we’ll notify you shortly about how to connect with us.

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