Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs with Timothy Kenny

Learning is tough. Everybody wants to read more, learn more and turn that knowledge into skills, but there are a lot of things standing in our way: we read slowly, process knowledge poorly, and believe the rampant myths about learning.

If you’re an entrepreneur, things are even harder. How are you supposed to absorb business books with the same techniques to do memory party tricks? 

There are no highly effective science-based, comprehensive books on metalearning that target entrepreneurs. It’s all not-so-useful-mental-math, memory techniques not applicable on a day to day basis or too much story and too little how-to-do stuff. And the market is complaining.

That’s where Timothy Kenny comes in. He realized there’s no one out there teaching this properly, so he went after creating the knowledge himself.

He knows how this works: we read a book, feel good about it for a couple of days and forget everything after that. That’s exactly that pattern we’ve been exposed to in school: read, cram, test and forget. But here, in real life, it’s a necessity the we learn and apply in our lives and businesses. If we want different results, we need different methods.

After digging around literally thousands of books, courses and scientific papers on the subject (coupled with a lot of his own experimentation), Timothy came up with a scientifically proven method he can share with us. He packaged it into an 8-week comprehensive course called Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs.

So what exactly is our goal when we learn? Real learning is when you fully absorb what you are reading and turn those ideas into actions that grow your business or change your life (or both). And that is only possible when you have a system that can guarantee that you will be able to fully learn, retain, and take action in your business — in a way that is fast enough that you can stay on top of trends and ahead of your competition.

The goal of the program is to help you to get the most out of all the different learning resources you are already investing in so that from now on you retain and use 90+% of what you are learn.

He’s offering the opportunity for 20 students to get in the 8-week course, which we've made available to you at a massively discounted rate due to the charitable nature of GiveGetWin. This course usually sells for over $1000. This a rare opportunity to get a really high valuable product with a amazing low price and connect directly with a expert that will help you take your knowledge to the next level.


The roadmap of the course, week by week:

1. Create your Learning Blueprint: How to Map out your Journey so you can optimize the path to Becoming an Expert

2. Tap into the Hidden Info Goldmines that are worth 50-100x their price (and will keep you on top of trends and ahead of your competition)

3. The 2×2 Speed Reading Master Strategies: 2 Distinct Reading Strategies (Basic + Advanced) that will each double your reading speed (4x total) from 250 to 1,000+ wpm

4. Become Mr. Results: Synthesizing information into organized and actionable notes

5. The Ultimate Memory System Pt 1: Close the memory gap with a spaced repition system designed specifically for busy entrepreneurs with no extra time

6. The Ultimate Memory System Pt 2: Gain total control over your memory to literally lock away entire books into your memory bank

7. Develop Total Flow Focus: Learn how to eliminate the focus problems that are killing your productivity

8. Putting it All Together: Integrating the Learning System into Your Everyday Life and getting on the Fast-Track towards Becoming an Expert

This course is not for people who want memorization tricks and abstract metalearning theory. It’s also not for lazy people looking for a quick fix. But if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to work hard to improve your learning and get the maximum results for your effort, this course is perfect for you.

The Accelerated Learning For Entrepreneurs regularly sells for $1188. No joke - due the charitable nature of the project, we really were able to secure a 95% discount from Kenny's regular price! That means you can get this same course for only $49.

What this means is that you’ll get a chance to learn how to save your valuable time and learn more efficiently for less than 5% of what everyone else pays for it. And, as a bonus, all proceeds for straight to charity.

This represents a ridiculous value proposition, and we are extremely grateful to Tim for doing it. There’s only 20 spots available, so grab yours now and take your learning skills to the next level.



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