Learn from a TOP SOFTWARE ENGINEER in a Webinar. TRINA M. ROY, Snr Software Engineer at PIXAR, Shares Nuggets from Her Amazing Career.

Chances are that you have enjoyed watching a number, if not all, of the following blockbuster movies: Shrek 1 & 2; Harry Potter; Inception; The Dark Knight; The Dark Knight Rises; King Kong; Madagascar; The Good Dinosaur; Finding Dory; Inside Out; just to name a few.

And, perhaps, you not only enjoy watching these great movies, but you're also working hard to become creator of the next big movies? Trying your best to figure out how to channel your creative talents for the benefit of the world and for personal fulfillment?

If so, you'll have no good excuse for missing out on this exclusive webinar. Take full advantage of this rare opportunity to be coached by someone who has worked hard to be where you're dreaming to get to.


In this nearly hour-long webinar, Trina will show you the ropes to attaining personal success in your dream career:

  • You will learn how to prepare yourself to deal with common dream killers and to stay motivated on track.
  • You will acquire the skills to effectively leverage mentorship opportunities in order to facilitate your personal career goals.
  • You will also learn how to create a compelling work profile that will help you find avenues for greater career opportunities.
  • You will receive insightful guidelines on how to rightly position yourself for to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the animations industry.