80/20 of Your Business Brochures/Website - Get More Sales with Chiara Cokieng

This is an hour-long online class for people new to entrepreneurship, who want to make their product or service be more appealing, so that when you get hits to your website, they'll convert into sales. 

Chiara Cokieng will teach you how to write clearly, persuasively, and effectively and turn potential customers into buyers. While working at So Helpful, Chiara Cokieng increased their conversion rates by 200%.

This would be perfect if you're in the early launching phase to get some feedback and tighten down, or if you've launched and are starting to get inbound traffic.

If you're a new entrepreneur, you're almost certainly passionate about your idea, deeply care about your product, and want other people to care about it as much as you do.

But wait, why don't people care sometimes?

If it's in your head only and they can't understand why it's great, they won't buy. But how can you get that across authentically and in a way where they really want and need what you can bring to them?

Chiara has spent years perfecting sales writing and will teach you how to increase your conversion rates through a step-by-step process. 

What scares you? If I was you, I'd be terrified that people won't buy this product. Heck, maybe you're thinking: "I have this great idea! Why can't I get it out there effectively?!"

Don't leave it to chance - learn how to have the right kind of hustle, technical skills and insider knowledge to ensure your success

In her own words -

"The biggest problem with people's sales writing is that they're focused on their product instead of the buyer.

"If someone is selling a cooking pan, an amateur will tell you it cooks your food really well, best in its category, no-stick, ect. 

"It almost seems like you're trying to convince other people selling cooking pans that yours is the best, but that's not who you're selling to.

You have to think about what the customer wants. If someone's mom is having a dinner party and wants to have a nice pan to cook with, she doesn't care about all those added features - she wants a pan that looks nice. If you market it as 'best features in it's class with multifunctional bearings,' she won't buy it."

Chiara will teach you how to:

- Think like your audience

- Write persuasive copy for them

- Get your conversion rates up


Tuesday, September 8th at 10am Eastern (7am Pacific, 9am Central). 

Only 10 seats at $10. See you there!

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