Learn the CTO Skillset (No Credentials Required) with Daniel Crompton

This 29th August at 3 pm EST, join us for a 60 minute class and intimate discussion with Daniel Crompton on how to to build the full CTO Skillset.

Daniel is CTO and co-founder of Oplerno -- and he got into that role without a college degree by focusing on his skills.

This is perfect for any programmer who wants to be a C-Level Executive or found a company, and need to learn the full skillset beyond just technical excellence.

Daniel will get you started down that path an energetic, action-packed discussion -- and then your questions.

There are only 8 spots available to make this very intimate -- so please reserve yours today. You'll have time to ask your own questions and get direct answers on what you need to round out your skillset.

100% of proceeds go to charity, and the price is only $19.95 -- which might be the best money you ever spend. It's possible at this price due to Daniel being really gracious in doing this -- and you're going to learn a lot from him.

Should you learn these skills from Daniel? Check out his bio...

Daniel started his first business at the age of 17, went on to start the first crowdfunding website in the Netherlands, before Kickstarter existed. By the age of 30 he'd started and left 3 companies 

In addition to his role as cofounder of Oplerno, he's managed to learn to speak four languages fluently and is deeply immersed in both education and technology. He's an  admin of the highly active 1800-member Startup Study Group.  

This class is for you if

    • you see being a technical cofounder as a good career path for you;
    • are currently working as a senior programmer but want to make the jump to the CTO level
    • are a nascent founder and want to round out your executive skills
    • are technical but worried you're missing some other aspects related to team building, shipping, and all those other aspects of building a company
    • you’ve felt like you need a college degree to succeed in life

    In this 60 minute live discussion Daniel will walk you through the skills and mindset needed to really excel as a CTO -- providing a jumpstart to your career in technology or helping you found that really world-changing company.

    The date is 29 August at 3PM EST -- there's only 8 spots available and the price is only $19.95, so don't miss out on your opportunity.

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