Coding with the Kids - Teach your Kids to Code and Set them Up for Success with Bitsbox!

Looking for a way to channel your kids’ energy in a fun, educational way? Tired of chasing them around the house? Bitsbox is what you’ve been waiting for.

Bitsbox is the coolest way to teach kids coding - in a subscription box! You might have first seen them on Kickstarter, where they raised over $250,000 in 2015 - all in the name of helping to give kids these top notch life skills. It's family time, it's learning time, and it's fun time!

We don't know what jobs will look like in the next decade or so, but we're pretty sure computer science isn't going anywhere - the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software development jobs will grow 17% from 2014 to 2024. And the average salary for a JavaScript developer in the US? $110,000 per year. But it's hard to get in on the scene early - many aspiring coders don’t have access to peers or mentors in the field until high school or later. 

Even where programs exist, the culture can be notoriously difficult for a beginner to enter. Stereotypes paint coders as isolated, individuals in hoodies, lurking in the corner of a basement, hunched over a laptop and a half-eaten Chipotle burrito for days at a time. We can do better.

Cue Bitsbox - the fun way to teach kids to code!

Bitsbox comes in two parts - first, an online section where kids pick apps to build on their own devices. Second, offline, they can play with a box of goodies to encourage and celebrate their journey in coding!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Bitsbox team, you can try out a Deluxe Bitsbox for 33% off while supplies last, and all proceeds go to charity! 

Bitsbox has already made its way into homes, schools, and even Sharktank - but what it can do for kids is even cooler.

Coding is the Future

It all started with a couple dads working at Google who knew that coding is the just plain awesome. They knew it’s never too early to start learning languages and how to think. With Bitsbox, your kids as young as age 6 can dive into coding in a friendly, accessible space. That could be a full eight years before high school - where the current generation started (if they were lucky). As a parent, you don’t need coding experience for your child to have success with Bitsbox either! It’s a learning experience for all ages and all genders.

What's Inside?

Your kid will love playing with the Bitsbox and get educated with things like progress stickersa binder to keep all the fun in one place, and supercards to match the projects of the month. Goodies like a challenge card and temporary tattoos (made by Tattly with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks) lets your kid show off their cool coder status.  And of course, there's real code for kids learning real concepts.

Did we mention there's a mystery toy?

A Word from the Adults (mostly)

"I just wanted to send a note to let you know how much my son LOVES his first Bitsbox. He’s a 12 year old with a strong desire to learn to code. We’ve used many online tools but nothing has gotten him as excited as what he’s building with Bitsbox. He’s able to see immediate results of what he’s building and make his own modifications. I can see how this product creates a very smooth way for him to be able to develop his own apps. He absolutely loves it! Thanks for creating such a cool product! - Angela Hunter, California

"My girl rarely chooses the easy path, and chose a long program to start with, even though I encouraged her to try something shorter; that was the program that looked good to her. Within the hour, she had written her first program. Tears of joy came to her eyes when she learned 'this is what Mommy does for work.'" - Claire. From Geek Dad.


"THANK YOU!!!!! you gise are osome" -XG

 How is This Such a Steal?

Normally a deluxe Bitsbox costs $44.95 - for a very limited time, we have two boxes for sale at $30 (33% off!), thanks to the generosity of the BitsBox team! Plus, all sales proceeds go to charity!


We believe in educating the next Einsteins, and with BitsBox, kids can get an amazing start. All the sales from these boxes will go to SunSaluter, a nonprofit dedicated to making clean energy and water accessible in developing countries.

After You Buy

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  • Your lucky kid gets ready to start their coding journey! 

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