10 Weeks of Copywriting Training: Learn To Sell Anything with Derek Johanson

Ever heard of Nikola Tesla's Tower of Power?

It was an invention, proven to work, that would take energy from the atmosphere, use it to electrically power the earth, then zap electricity into any home or business or whatever anywhere in the world.

No electrical wires crisscrossing the globe, no pollution to create the electricity,  and no cost at all. Hell, it could even power spaceships. Oh yeah, and this was in the year 1901!

So what's the deal? Why don't we have free & clean electricity zapping about all over the globe?

The short answer: Tesla ran out of funding. He couldn't sell the idea to investors, so it died in it's infancy.

See, it's not enough to just create something amazing. "Build it and they will come" is a fallacy. The harsh truth is that, historically, it is not the best creation or idea that wins, it is the best sold creation or idea that wins.

It makes you wonder….what if Tesla had someone who understood his vision and could sell it to investors? What if somebody could have secured the funding that would have solved all our modern environmental problems and saved everyone a couple thousand bucks a year?

What if Tesla had a copywriter?


Copywriting is the ability to sell with words. Done right, copywriting is what brings awesome things to cool people.

Gary Halbert used to walk in to the bank with potato sacks full of mail orders and plop them down on the counter. At one point, his bank established its own department just to deal with the income he was bringing them.

David Ogilvy used copywriting to help Dove become the top selling soap in the U.S. (with a campaign they're still using over 50 years later), change the world's image of Puerto Rico, and buy his own personal castle in France.

Britain used it to sell people on the idea of moving the the 'New World'.

And AppSumo relies on copywriting for every sale it makes.

What I'm trying to say is this: If you wanna sell something, copywriting is the way to make it happen.


So how did the great copywriters - the Gary Halbert's, David Oglivys, and Dan Kennedys of history - become great copywriters?

They took the copywriting of the greats before them, they grabbed a pen and paper, and the copied every single sales letter out by hand.

It's hard, it takes a long time, and it gives you writer's cramp…and it's the key to becoming a great copywriter.

Why does it work? Because, just like an aspiring artist can trace the works of great artists before them to understand how they created that great art, you can 'trace' the works of great copywriters to understand how they created great copywriting.

As you write, you see the patterns and tactics and mindset hidden in the copy they wrote. You'll start to notice "Oh this is where he switches from interest to desire" and "He's using this story to show off the benefits of these features". You'll start to get into the same headspace that the original writers were in.

And then you'll begin to automatically adopt that headspace when you're writing your own copywriting.

Now you can do this on your own. Grab a bunch of great sales letters and ads, devote an hour a day to writing them out by hand and analyzing them, maybe even do it with your friends so you can share what you've learned.

Or you can let Derek Joahnsen take care of all that for you, so you just have to focus on the writing and learning.

Derek's created a 10 week course called CopyHour. The idea goes like this:

  • He finds and sends you the best sales letters in the world without you having to spend hours looking for them. You'll spend one hour a day writing them out.
  • You join a community of other CopyHour members, all of who are starting at the same time as you, and working on the same sales letters as you are.
  • Every day, you and the rest of your CopyHour "class" share what you learned from the day's ad. You swap your new knowledge, talk about the ads, and get to see what others picked up that you missed.
  • Derek keeps you accountable, checking in daily to see you completed your writing and posted your learning.
  • You get to swap tips and great ads personally with Derek, and get his advice on your writing.

I took this course myself and, two months into it, used the new copywriting skills I'd learned to win the $1800/month Entrepreneurs Apprenticeship Competition against 52 other highly skilled contestants. Thanks to Derek, I'm now living in an entrepreneur-filled neighborhood in the palm tree paradise of Bali, surrounded by people who are all smarter than me and excited to teach me what they know.

And I'm not alone. Check out their testimonials to get a taste of the results that CopyHour members are achieving.

Like I said though, it's hard. Very hard. You'll get hand cramps, you'll want to skip days, you'll get bored…but 10 weeks later, you WILL know how to sell with words.

This course isn't for everyone. The dabbler, the 'kinda interested', and those with low self-discipline won't make it through.

It's for a very specific type of person: those who truly want to learn how to sell and are willing to dive in, work hard, and do what it takes to become great.

And you will become great. Derek backs that with a 100% guarantee. If you try the course and don't feel like it's worth it, Derek will send you back everything that you paid to get in…and he'll let you continue to have access to the course! 

So, if you're ready to learn how the think like the greatest salesmen in the world, if you want to join a community of dedicated copywriters to help you as you grow your skills, and you want to take the most efficient route to get there, CopyHour is the course that get you there.

It's usually a $67 course, but 15 GiveGetWin members will get access to the next class (starting June 2nd) for $33.50.

If you're up for 10 intense weeks of apprenticing yourself to the legends of copywriting, and ready become a master at selling with words, grab your spot.

Do it right, put in the work, and this will change your life. It changed mine.

- Eddy Azar

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