1-on-1 Productivity and Asset Maximization Session With Sebastian Marshall

Over here at GGW Headquarters, we were really blown away at the great reception and excitement we got on the first deal... and we're happy to announce it sold out! Thank you to everyone in our wonderful rapidly growing community, and to everyone who said they're interested in volunteering and providing services going forwards. Today, Sebastian brings you a uniquely powerful individualized session -- pulling out all stops here -- based on training that he's done in the past to fantastic reviews.

Get More Done, Get More Utilization Of Your Assets, And Get Ahead with Sebastian Marshall

Who doesn't want to get more done? There's so much juice that can be squeezed out of life, but how many of your great opportunities are slipping through your fingers?

Today's deal brings you GiveGetWin co-founder Sebastian Marshall, a guy who has wears 10,000 hats and balances his responsibilities quite well. Marshall has managed over the past two years to do freelancing and contract work in technology, application development, project management, design, and HR... simultaneously with upgrading real-estate from regular-quality to premium quality in Beijing, China and managing properties... starting a nonprofit dedicated to Children's Development in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia (and now launching GiveGetWin as a major fundraising platform for that nonprofit)... writing over six million words between blogging and technical writing... releasing Ikigai on Amazon Kindle with an amazing team and getting 58 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars (37 five-star reviews)... starting a family... and having a hell of a lot of fun and miscellaneous and crazy adventures with friends, colleagues, businessmen, academics, philosophers, lawyers, government officials, artists, and many other really neat and cool people. He also manages to read a 30 to 70 books per year, and listen to another couple dozen on audiobook.

Do you want to get more stuff done? Want to squeeze more of the juice out of life? That's what this one-on-one session is about for you.

We all know that we live in a world with infinite amounts of distraction.

Based on his talk at the Jewish Cultural Moishe House in Beijing, Sebastian will bring to you insights from neuroscience on why you're not getting more done (we'll discuss the basal ganglia and habit formation, among other things), how to break negative habit loops, ways to define and get your day started on rocket fuel, building a contact database so you know exactly who you know and all of their skills and locales they're tied to, how to develop credentialing and branding assets from the jobs and contracts you run which make projects a lot more valuable, and this will all happen in real-time, in a 1-on-1 session, with customized suggestions and hand-holding you through getting started on this.

How do you really get more done? It's about maxing out your time and maxing out the gain in assets from everything you do. It's funny, because you're probably already doing 95% of the hard work that leads towards getting massive wins -- but you might be leaving half your gains on the table by not asset-maximizing when you're done, not ensuring you get and keep all the great contacts, future openings, and relevant prestige and credentials from what you do.

This will again be a personalized one-on-one session, and you can hear what others have said about the talk this was based on --

"Sitting down with Sebastian was the most productive afternoon of my life!! It's going to enhance my productivity in every facet of my life in the weeks and months to come. As an executive and community leader who is always juggling many different projects, Sebastian's systems are going to save me time and let me make sure I'm doing the kind of work I need to be doing in the world."
                        -- Abe Sorock, Founder and Director of Atlas China

"I had the pleasure of listening to Sebastian deliver a talk about productivity in late 2012. I am generally skeptical of the self-help industry but Sebastian's presentation was informative as well as practical. I learned some great insights into human psychology and was also introduced to numerous online tools that I have already incorporated into my daily life. Sebastian's tidbits of wisdom about productivity have already benefitted both my personal life and professional life."
                      -- Ben Barth, Canadian Embassy to the PRC

"Sebastian, I really appreciated your talk last night. I found it incredibly useful and motivational. Now I feel empowered to get back on track and you gave us the whole plan on how to go about it. Thanks so much!"
                    -- Bryan Withall, Real Estate Sales Manager in Beijing 

You're going to learn...
- Why aren't you getting stuff done? The biological basis of unfinished tasks
- How to break bad habits
- How to start your day in a productive and goal-oriented way by building a dashboard
- How to stay on track with your priorities
- High-tech & low-tech tools to increase your productivity
- How to build a contact database and always find the right people to get your job done (and get started right during the training session with Sebastian)
- How to build max out assets from projects and explode your portfolio: learn to make a completed project much more valuable. It's a stepping stone on the way up, not just one more thing checked off your todo list.
- Personalized, hands-on 'getting-it-started' including...
--> Get your own dashboard started for your production
--> Get your contact database built and running
--> Stay on track of your goals and priorities by setting some clear metrics
--> Get a customized version of a post-project debrief to get thank-you letters, referrals, and testimonials
--> And whatever else you want some hands-on help with. Sebastian will bring a tight value-packed agenda, and is also committed to helping you reach your productivity goals.

Sebastian is making four spots available of one-on-one sessions. He'll coordinate to find the perfect time with you, and block out an hour for training and interaction, plus a little extra time at the end. The value you're going to get from this for your productivity, staying in touch with contacts and building better relationships, and maximizing assets and opportunities? Massive. The price? Only $40, available at this great value due to the charitable nature of the project.

Don't delay -- grab your spot now, at four spots available we're almost certain to quickly sell out of this one.

$40.00 $180.00
Sold Out