Ladies, Get Your First Startup Going! 1-on-1 Mentorship to Bring Your Idea to Life as a Nontechnical Female Founder with Kim Parnell (Cofounder @


So you have an idea for a startup. It has a lot of potential. It could change the world. 

But you've also heard of the adage – "An idea is only as good as its execution." 

So therein lies the problem: How do you bring your startup idea to life?

You have no connections. You don't really know how to code. Most of the advice out there is geared towards men, programmers, or male programmers.

What's a girl to do?

Kim Parnell was in that same boat.

A pure science major, she didn’t think business was for her – until she attended a business seminar that changed her life. The same day, she and her co-founder drew up the plans for their first business: A cleaning company.

Fast forward five years, and she's successfully sold that company off.

Kim eventually co-founded another startup. This one was a little different from her first startup –– it was fully technical. is a powerful developer tools platform that has benefited thousands of people.

So how did Kim go from 0 business skills → 1 successful exit → 1 highly technical startup with very little technical skills?

Well... Why don't you ask her?

Kim is graciously hosting 3 more 1-on-1 personal mentorship sessions for charity.

(Update: We had 5 before, and they've all sold out – so Kim graciously added 3 more!)

During your time together, you will receive actionable, practical advice on building your startup from scratch, completely tailored to meet you where you’re at. Potential topics you can cover include:

  • The myths about the “non-technical founder” – what you really need to know;
  • The right mindset to develop that will make you invaluable to technical founders;
  • The skillset you need to learn in order to thrive as a non-technical cofounder;
  • The resources and strategies Kim herself used to develop those skills;
  • The #realtalk about what it’s like to be a female non-technical founder.

Come in with questions, or ask Kim to share her experiences. You can talk about:

  • How to validate a business idea – with zero technical skills;
  • How to find the right co-founder for your startup that matches your skillset;
  • How to evaluate business models and choose the right one for your startup;
  • How to get your first paying customer, even if you don’t have a functioning app;
  • How to navigate difficult situations for a female / non-technical founder;
  • How to embrace your personal strengths and thrive as a non-tech founder; and
  • [BONUS] Startup war stories that have never been shared before – get up close and personal with this serial entrepreneur and learn what it's REALLY like to run a startup

You’ll have the chance to glimpse into the mind of a female entrepreneur who has made it in startups, business and life. Better yet, you'll be able to build a relationship with her––and maybe even turn that into a long-term mentorship.

Kim’s greatest joy in life is meeting and advising budding female entrepreneurs – so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with her and get her advice!

This session isn't right for everyone. If you…

  • Have an idea for a startup but don’t even know where to start;
  • Want to learn how to maximize your strengths as a non-technical founder;
  • Want guidance in navigating the startup world as a female non-tech founder;

This 1-on-1 mentorship session with Kim is exactly what you’re looking for.

3 mentorship sessions left. $20 each.

Have the call with Kim at your own convenience.

All of the proceeds will go to charity.

(Kim usually charges a lot more for her time, but since 100% of this is going to charity, she’s cutting us all some slack. You won't be able to find this opportunity elsewhere.)

What happens after you click 'BUY'?

You will...

  • Receive payment confirmation from GiveGetWin – thanks for contributing!
  • Get connected to Kim via private e-mail
  • Coordinate the time that works best for you and Kim
  • Prepare your questions, concerns, ideas – get ready to gain insights for Kim
  • Hop on the call with Kim at the designated time and have an awesome time!

No entrepreneur, male or female, has ever succeeded without good mentorship.

Get mentored by a self-made woman who's been there, done that, and gets it.

Give $20. Receive priceless advice.

Let Kim guide you to startup success today.



Kim is a charismatic, overly hyperactive people magnet with a passion for helping entrepreneurs. She is currently the co-founder of Back I/O, a developer tools platform for building apps. In the years prior to joining Back I/O she was involved in many types of businesses, as a founder and an advisor, and has one successful exit under her belt.

She loves helping new business founders navigate the treacherous landscape of entrepreneurship and feels personally fulfilled when they succeed. When not building companies, she can be found lifting weights, abandoning online shopping carts and using herself for weird and random science experiments.

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