[League of Legends] 1-on-1 Coaching with s3 Challenger Player Dkas!

Improve your game while helping out the world!

Are you an experienced League of Legends player looking to unlock the next level?

Do you feel stuck in ranked and want to get better, but never took the initiative to seek out a coach?

Maybe you felt bad about spending money on League -- what if you could get better at League while saving kids in India and Bangladesh?


Dimitrios [Dkas] Kasderidis has graciously offered 10 private coaching sessions over the next week -- with times at your convenience.

For $10/hr to charity, you can go over any question whatsoever about League with one of the formerly best Olaf players in the world -- author of the popular Olaf Top Lane Guide, who surely has a lot to teach you about every champion and lane in the game.

You may remember him from hosting a Suicide Prevention Stream last year, which raised $746 supporting American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


How is this different from other League coaching services?

100% of your money will go support Sun Saluter -- super cool nonprofit that saves lives through solar power and clean drinking water for kids in India and Bangladesh.

This deal is exclusive and will end on 6/25 -- this is your last chance to schedule private coaching sessions at your convenience while having your money go toward a great cause.


More about Dkas

A familiar face in /r/leagueoflegends and /r/summonerschool, Dkas peaked in Challenger in s3 and has since been Diamond for 3 seasons. He is known, among other things, for having an exceptional knowledge of top lane and the intricacy of trading in lane. He currently works as a free-lance media designer.


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After you buy:

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation email
  • Dkas will reach out to you to schedule a time at your convenience
  • You can spend your 1hr session learning whatever you’d like to learn

Stop wondering what it feels like to breath through your games. Save a kid's life and master League of Legends today.

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