A question for you -- are you the best? Are you driven to excel in all areas of your life? Do you feel a burning need to evolve into the highest possible version of yourself, and even beyond? And do you want to see that marked in terms of tangible achievements that make the world a better place?

We're here to do good, but a desire to do good isn't enough by itself. Here's a question for you --

Have you ever been in an elite environment?

It’s hard to describe just how different life is when you’re traveling, training, or working with a group of people who are very very serious about what they do.

Everything changes. The colors in life get more vivid. Blurred images come into focus. You feel sharper on many different levels. Your mind works faster. Your eyes see more clearly.

Throughout all of history, most people have sleepwalked through life, moving with a sense of plodding mediocrity. You see all progress coming from two things: the individuals and teams who don’t sleepwalk and who bring the highest levels of performance, and from “golden ages” when an entire society or sector of society is animated with that powerful and clear spirit of action.

The types of people we look for…

*Have a “get it done spirit”
*Are action-oriented
*Do more rather than less
*Get things done sooner rather than later
*Are achievement-oriented; love seeing results
*Figure out problems, learn, or get mentored if they don’t currently have the skills
*Feel fear (because they’re pushing their limits) but push through to get things done
*Intense followthrough: keeps following up in order to get things done
*Has good solo action-taking ability and likes collaborating with other like-minded people to get done even bigger picture stuff

Those are the must-have criteria, above. Also good but not required…

*Enjoys analyzing complex things to make them work better
*Like numbers, metrics, data
*Like making things work better
*Like making success into a repeatable process
*Opportunistic: when a gain is made, love to grab additional gains and seize the opportunity
*Already currently expert demonstrated skill in a valuable area (not required, because someone with the action/growth/achievement mindset can get good at things quickly)

The following has no place at what we’re doing…

*Excuses: Everybody’s got them, but it’s irrelevant. Win anyways.
*Disorganized or over-bandwidth people: it’s a common young person problem -- committing to too much, and doing sloppy work or failing to get things done. We don’t want people who are going to fall down in the last mile
*People who quit at 85% to 95% complete: This is usually from a mix of perfectionism and fear. Some of this is normal for ambitious people who perhaps underestimate work and timeframes, and experience some failure because of it. But it’s crucial to push through and finish.
*Pure thinkers: we’ve got enough pure thinking here, thanks. Aristocrats who don’t like to get their hands dirty need not apply.

The joys of an elite environment

When you can count on everyone around you, and they’re all achievement-oriented, pragmatic, and effective, you know you can give 100% and your work will be used highly effectively.

You know everyone is about getting things done, kicking butt, and ushering in a better world. It’s motivating. It leads to you putting in that extra 10 minutes, that extra finishing touch, that extra inspired moment or action.

It means you’ll be growing and seeing good ideas unfold constantly, and becoming a better person.

If you're the best, we train you and help you reach your potential

We don't mean in an abstract way. Every active team member has both a Project Plan and a Training Plan while in the organization. To stay within the organization, you must be growing in your personal life on your training plan. We have advanced models and methodologies to see you fill in gaps in your skillset, take on feared and underperforming areas, and round out and spread your excellence into many domains.

You get to give back and serve the world, but we look for more than that too. We have a 100% volunteer team with no salaries, no benefits, no convenience expenses, and no shenanigans. We achieve this by building an elite environment of driven people who love to achieve and love to grow. If you think you've got what it takes, email sebastian@givegetwin.com with what your current goal is in life, and how you think volunteering at CPNC/GiveGetWin is going to help you get there.