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Method Acting Class With Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Get ready to learn THE tools of the method-acting trade!" --Arnold

Have you ever felt like you could express yourself better? Do you want to break into acting, or perhaps politics? Or, maybe you feel like better advance your career if you were more in-tune with expressing emotion and personality?

That's where this class comes in.

Learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger, a top American movie star, investor, businessman, and politician. Mr. Schwarzenegger went from being born in Austria and with minimal command of the English language or acting into one of Hollywood's premier stars in the 1980's. Following from a successful film career, he ran for and win the 2003 election to become Governor of California.

What skills can you learn from Arnold?

"I want to teach you how you can communicate powerfully, tap into your emotions, and express the real you. My secret in Hollywood is that I always came from a deep place of authenticity and got into touch with my emotions. In my early films where I was just playing a character, I did not do well. But later, when I expressed the true me, I started making blockbuster after blockbuster. You can do this too. My method acting class will give you the skills you need to succeed bigtime in business, performing, and even politics if you choose! They'll help you make money too… this is a must for anyone who wants to communicate better!"

The class with Mr. Schwarzenegger will be conducted on January 7th at 8PM Eastern time, and will be a 60 minute lesson followed by a Q&A session. You're going to learn:

*How to get in touch with your inner voice
*How to express your personality
*Secrets of Hollywood success
*How a "bigtime personality" can help you in business and all endeavors
*How to use great communication to master new arenas
*How to use your communication skills to make more money in negotiation
*How to feel strong and powerful all the time
*And a fantastic "pump-up!" session at the end! You'll be feeling unstoppable!

This is class is perfect for people with any interest in entertainment, business, politics, and with managers and leaders of all sorts. If your career would benefit from communicating your innermost spirit powerfully, then learn from the best and get pumped up!

This is meant to be an intimate class, and there are only 20 spots available. Mr. Schwarzenegger regularly commands tens-of-thousands-of-dollar fees for speaking engagements, and multi-million dollar fees for films. Due to the charitable nature of GGW, you can enroll in Arnold's class for only $299. This is a great opportunity to learn from the very best -- don't wait, get onboard now ---

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