In about three hours of your time, you can help build the world while building your business/life.

GiveGetWin is reinventing charity fundraising. The biggest barrier to people giving is that most of us are caught up in trying to build our own lives -- to graduate school, to pay off student loans or other debt, to start a young family, to get a good place to live, to stay on top of changing trends, to send the kids to college, and so on.

We respect and understand just how busy and under-resourced most people feel. In order to overcome that, we help people realize their personal/business goals while doing good for the world.

Our concept is simple and proven.

We take an expert or company (you). You donate some of your product, service, or time. We sell it with 100% of the proceeds going to charity (we have no salaries, benefits, or shenanigans). The buyer of the deal gets to receive an excellent experience and the satisfaction of helping the world while reaching their own goals.

For you, we look to make it exceed your normal business development and marketing time. For every deal, we look to understand a provider's personal goals and design a custom marketing plan around reaching that. That means you can get benefits to exposure (to thousands of people), in customer development, getting new reviews and testimonials, testing new services, making new contacts and friends, and having tons of fun in the process.

We're big on fun. We handle the admin and details; you just show up and be excellent.

The time commitment can be as low as 3 hours. After understanding your expert status or market position, we'll want to understand your current business goals and draw up a plan together to reach them. The next step will be a 40-90 minute interview that'll get edited very well and serve as the promotional content for your deal. (Our interviews tend to be mind-blowing... we edit out the interviewer's voice and make yours stand alone, and they've gotten rave reviews, often becoming the favorite piece of content a provider has, and one interview even found its way into a provider's book as a core chapter!) We do all the admin and details to get your deal launched, and finally, we're happy to follow up to collect reviews, testimonials, and help you make stronger connections and relationships.

Our team is a driven group; we select for people who have a natural desire to be the best at everything they do, who has massive commitment and integrity, who have mettle, who are great finishers, and who are a pleasure to be around. You're going to meet some outstanding individuals.

It's pretty good overall. In a few hours, you can spread your message and get exposure to tons of great people, meet new contacts and friends and prospective clients, expand your business/life, collaborate with sharp people, have fun, and do good for the world.

Email and tell him what your core expertise or what the uniqueness of your offering is, and we'll go from there. We look forward to changing the world with you.


"I had a blast as an expert for GGW. The team was incredibly professional and the process was super smooth. I loved the results that came from the pre-interview with Sebastian (which I've now included in a new publication) and the audience for my webinar were smart and passionate people. I felt like a freaking hero. Highly recommended - it's a win for all players here. “ -- Jason Shen

"Being a provider at givegetwin helped me reach the next level of attention and expertise in my field. The greatest difference before and after the deal for me was the immediate impact it had on my personal brand and connections. You're working with a top class team, amongst peers who are the best in the industry and are eager to share and do some good." -- Stepan Parunashvili