About GGW

Welcome to GiveGetWin! 

What are you going to find here?

The short version -- you're going to find opportunities to get some incredible products and services from amazing people with all the proceeds going to charity. These are going to be amazing offers you'd rarely see, offering the opportunity to connect with fantastic people that otherwise would be quite hard to reach, and with companies that are thrilled to do good for the world. "Providers" donate their product or service, and you're able to get it cheaply with all of the proceeds going to charity.

The slightly longer version --

There's a lot of opportunity to do good in the world, but there's two gigantic walls they're up against. First, very frequently people have a "charity budget" and already spent all of it. As written about in 80,000 Hours' piece, "Why Most Charity Fundraisers Cause Harm," a lot of fundraising is just competing for the already budgeted amounts. People largely know what they want and can afford to donate.

Second, a lot of charitable causes unfortunately fundraise by really featuring the suffering and lack that's going on in much of the world. While this can serve to wake people up and get them interested, it's also the kind of message that people who are hard-working, focused on goals, and incredibly emotionally connected to the world can only take a few hours at a time... some of the most innovative people who are still building businesses, professional practices, and otherwise starting to make their mark on the world must keep themselves focused on positivity, positive connection, and doing. 

So we started to ask -- is there a solution to this? 

And we think -- yes!

First, we want to target people's consumption/investment budgets instead of their charity budget. If we can bring amazing offers to people visiting (you!), of things that would be beneficial for your life, your business, your career, your family... things you'd likely buy anyways that build up your personal goals, then a major barrier to philanthropy is broken down. It tears down the "charity budget wall."

Second, we understand that you, as a busy person building up your life, wants to largely be in a guilt-free environment. There's no guilt tripping here! We outright refuse to do it. Doing good should feel good. Weighing your options for doing good should feel good. And the process of doing good should feel good.

Finally, we've found that people are basically good. Many of the successful people we've talked to have volunteered to donate some of their time and craft it into an amazing product or service for you. These are people who are incredibly talented and had some huge successes, and connecting with them and their offers is going to help you build up your life. This is possible because it's a fun place to connect with other people, build up your life, and do good at the same time.

What next? 

Come by regularly! Keep an eye out for deals that are particularly beneficial for your life, and share the site with others. We're thrilled to serve you, to coordinate and work with some amazing people, and to build up the world in the process.


Yours, very truly,

Sebastian Marshall, Daniel Ternes, and the whole GGW team and community

1st November 2012