An Hour With The Mentor To Over 120 Startups

For one hour, on Monday, August 24th, come learn from Mike Kirkup. He is the director at Velocity, one of the best entrepreneurial accelerator in North America, that he helped build.

He will help you learn what makes a good entrepreneur, when and how a business should grow, great ways to build partnerships and get clients, and many more things you can’t find anywhere online.

After seeing 100+ companies of every space, shape, and size evolve, insight like his into the world of startups is hard to come by.

This class is for anybody looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and startups, and gain insider knowledge that can only come from seeing so many companies come and go.

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“Entrepreneurship isn’t an art or a science—it’s a mixture of both. It’s not a recipe that you can apply—you can’t pick it up, run with it, and expect it to be repeatable. It’s more of an artisanal craft in the sense that each sub area is extremely specific, so you need to spend a lot of time learning that particular domain, and figuring out how to successfully build a company in the space.

There are process elements that can guide it, but nothing can be 100% mastered by reading it in a book. You can read all the management books you want, but it will never teach you how to properly manage people without trying—there are so many elements that shape your version of doing that task. Running a startup is so hard and risky because it is a culmination of so many of those little elements.”


Dip your toe, or dive right in?

         “If you’re a student at university or college, JUST GO. The worst thing that happens is the business fails; but you’re already in school so you’re learning anyways. There’s no good reason to stop, wait, be tentative, look, etc. As you go through life, it becomes harder and harder to do.”


Something most entrepreneurs may find surprising?

“You have to be prepared to fire yourself from the job! It’s so tough because it is often just when you are feeling like you figured a task out when you need to hire someone to do it, leaving you to learn another task. If you don’t do it properly, you stay in between, creating more pain than solution.”

Difficult situations such as this, amongst many others, are aided by Mike and the other staff and mentors at Velocity on a daily basis. Learning things like this now could be the difference between success and failure for any company.


How’s it feel to run a company?

In Mike’s words: “You’re going through something that you’ve never done before, and it’s hard. Doing that with other people and feeling that you’re not alone is huge...have support and people legitimately care that you are trying.

That’s Mike’s philosophy – and it comes across when you interact with him. He’s like a shot of adrenalin in the long march to bigtime entrepreneurial success. The hour with him will be refreshing and skill building on how to properly start a startup, from someone who has seen it all before – literally hundreds of times.


With so many years in the industry, having experience in hardware, software, and life science based startups, Mike has deep insights into difficult areas such as:

  • When a pivot or change in direction is necessary
  • How to manage other people – and how to teach new staff you hire how to manage their own direct reports
  • How to gauge market interest and venture success at very early stages – so your idea and work actually lead to customers and funding
  • What makes up great teams
  • Raising funds efficiently and with minimal runaround -- including building pitches, presenting, and selecting the right funding sources.
  • Managing high growth (a good problem to have).
  • Setting up great bizdev partnerships with companies that can accelerate your success – by identifying the right people at the company


Mike has succeeded, not in the crazy-money-thrown-around Silicon Valley market, but in minting top companies out of Waterloo, Canada.

“There are pros and cons to relocation—it’s never just a single factor. Waterloo has a very tight startup community where anybody you need is within 1 degree of separation. UWaterloo is also famous for producing a cluster of high talent.”



Opportunities like this don’t come around often—a true expert in all things startup offering his time to share some invaluable lessons and answer direct questions in a Q&A period.


This will sell out fast, so get your seats ASAP!


Monday, August 24th at 3PM Central (4PM Eastern, 1PM Pacific).

Only 10 spots available at $25 each.

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