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The High Level Principles of Marketing with Scott Britton

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High-ROI-activities that other skilled marketers aren’t doing — that you can and should doan interview with Scott Britton, as told to Sebastian MarshallI got into marketing strategy by accident.I’d been a business development and sales guy and I wanted to start teaching those skills because I loved it. Once I started putting the content online in the form of videos, blog posts, and courses, I wanted the people who’d benefit most to all see it.In order to do that, I realized I needed to be a good marketer.Very quickly, the content I was creating was providing a full-time income from...

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The New Rules of Sales: When Features and Benefits Don't Get it Done

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I am a sales trainer. But first and foremost, I'm the person in sales for over 20 years now. I started very young during university selling bulldozers and excavators -- heavy equipment.  My whole career, I leaned towards sales. Today, I fight the good fight for introverts out there. Most people think salespeople are born to be good salespeople. Be loud. Be obnoxious. I've worked with everything from small Mom and Pop shops to IBM. And every time I train, I learn that introverts have more potential to be successful at sales. I want to share this with people. I...

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How & why every Entrepreneur should learn copywriting - an interview with Derek Johanson

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6 weeks into Derek's CopyHour course, I wrote the script for a video for an Entrepreneur's Apprenticeship application. I used every bit of knowledge I'd gotten from the course and, 4 months later, I was on a plane from frozen Canada to tropical Bali to live in a villa full of entrepreneurs and make $1800/month (up from $200). Now he's agreed to share the knowledge and open up CopyHour to 15 new members from GiveGetWin for half the usual cost. Here's some excerpts & notes from an interview between Derek and myself.  Sometime after quitting my 9-5 and touring the world...

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