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Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Accelerators with Mike Kirkup

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By: Mike Kirkup Edited by: Russell Silver   Q: Is entrepreneurship an art or a science? A: It’s definitely a mix of both; it’s not one or the other. It’s not a science to the extent that it’s not formulaic. You can’t pick it up, run with it, and expect it to be repeatable. It’s more of an art because the environment is changing, and you’re building a bunch of things in that dynamic space. To me, it’s much more of an artisanal craft in the sense of each sub area is extremely specific, so you need to spend a...

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The High Level Principles of Marketing with Scott Britton

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High-ROI-activities that other skilled marketers aren’t doing — that you can and should doan interview with Scott Britton, as told to Sebastian MarshallI got into marketing strategy by accident.I’d been a business development and sales guy and I wanted to start teaching those skills because I loved it. Once I started putting the content online in the form of videos, blog posts, and courses, I wanted the people who’d benefit most to all see it.In order to do that, I realized I needed to be a good marketer.Very quickly, the content I was creating was providing a full-time income from...

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The Mentality Behind the Magic Touch, by Derek Sivers

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Derek Sivers is holding a one-time class to teach you the "magic touch" in business, with examples, war stories, and lessons you can apply right now to do better by your customers and profit as a result of it -- and all the proceeds will go to charity. The class will be on February 19th at 5PM California time (8PM East Coast). You can find out more at GiveGetWin by clicking here. The Mentality Behind the Magic Touch; Derek Sivers interviewed by Chiara Cokieng Derek Sivers sold CDBaby for $22 million dollars in 2008. In this interview, he explains what he's been doing now, how...

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