Music Production Marathon Weekend: See how much music you can make in a weekend

Music gets made faster and better in the right environment with a mix of structure, inspiration, and great people around

Let's think for a moment about the ideal music-making environment.

Counterintuitively, for most people it's not just about having enough free time -- there needs to be some structure or goals in place to move things along.

Yet the ideal environment also can't be too demanding, overwhelming, or stressful.

Think of the classroom environment: music gets made faster and better with a mix of structure, inspiration, and having great people around.

The facts: 2 days of structured music-making, a community of awesome producers, your own brand new track

This week we're hosting a 2-day event where we'll all get together online and work on our own music alongside a community of dedicated producers.

There'll be time to share the music you've made, give and get feedback, meet and chat with other producers... but most importantly this weekend is about making a ton of a music. 

Here's the breakdown of how the weekend will work:

  • This will be a 2 day event
  • The dates are Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14 -- 1-5pm EST on both days
  • You're going to be making music the whole time, this is not about teaching or learning, it's about doing
  • You can attend from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a good internet connection)
  • It'll be held on Google Hangouts +you'll be part of a community of dedicated producers all working on your own music together
  • You'll have a brand new track by the end of it
  • It's going to be really fun and cool

Who this is for      

This is for people that are making music already. You should be experienced in making and finishing your own tracks.

This is not for people who aren't already comfortable making music, because we're not teaching fundamentals.

The purpose of this weekend is to make a lot of music in the ideal environment, which means you should already know and be comfortable with producing on your own.

Apply here

We’re looking for really good and dedicated people, so if you're already making music and this sounds like a great thing for you, just take 5 mins to put down your info and we’ll let you know.

It's really quick -- the application shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes on your end.

The whole thing will cost $20 to attend (all proceeds to charity).

Ready to rock and roll? Click the green button to apply.


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