Thoughts on my deal

 We had a big reception to deal#2, which was really cool and humbling. That was me personally, so I was really honored and flattered to see it sell out quickly. I was also surprised and equally more honored to see an entrepreneur based out of South America offer the training's normal $40 rate + an additional $200 donation for me to open up an extra one hour slot.

Feedback we've consistently gotten is that we're pricing way below what people would normally expect for such services, and I think that's true but I like that we do it that way. It lets people who come here with their hard-earned cash get really exceptional value, which is crucial. We don't want just "good deals" to be available here, we want it to be really outstanding for people that come, visit, and tell their friends.

I finished my last session yesterday (it took a little while to coordinate schedules with a successful Michigan-based entrepreneur who was one of the first to sign up, but we had a nice time yesterday), and I'm really thrilled and grateful for everyone that signed on. Great people to connect with.

Lots has been happening behind the scenes as well -- building up a persistent real-time chatroom for GGW volunteers and providers, onboarding volunteers, building infrastructure, improving our tech and communication, and otherwise just getting really organized while getting more great people involved. Thanks to everyone for all the support and love -- you're all great and we're happy and grateful you're involved!

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