Chris Ponzi On How to Cultivate Your Creativity

Author, Artist, Activist, and Entrepreneur starts our interview listing reasons for why every individual is creative.

I believe we are all creatives and we have a fundamental drive to create. It manifests in different mediums. Creating something from nothing to create a vision, the outpouring of a creative impulse. It’s a part of human nature. It drives the soul.
Some people think they aren’t creative, but it’s a false belief. This belief that some people are creative and some people aren’t is insidious and can undermine your creativity.
We are all byproducts of people we spend the most time with. It’s very much so important to surround yourself with people that also put an emphasis on creative expression.

To connect to other creatives similar and different to himself and he found being genuine like in most relationships is the way to go.

Showing passion and enthusiasm for what they do and reaching out to them with authenticity. Hanging out in those circles in general. Dont’ be super rigid in what you want to do but just wanting to create something with them.

When asked what he thought he’s done right in cultivating creativity...

Creativity is only wrong if you didn’t get that feeling of satisfaction or if you didn’t complete your vision. The thing that is unique about you is your ability bring different artists and creatives together to create a vision and getting that vision out there and into the world.

So what is the first thing Chris thinks you should do to be creative?

First sitting down and writing out what mediums work with you. Do you love going to museums? Pay attention to what feels right. You will connect with some things more than others. Go to different shows, more events, more festivals and find mediums that you connect with and have patience. It doesn’t need to be in art, it can be in business or anything that feels right.

Have your creative projects stagnated and would like to ask Chris how to find a catalyst to renew that creativity? He's also doing a webinar for charity you can get 1-on-1 time with.


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