Mejora tu relación de pareja con Iñaki Vázquez: "No hacer nada es una decisión y suele ser errónea"

crisis de pareja desarrollo personal pareja relaciones

por Ester Ciurana   Tengo el placer de compartir a continuación esta entrevista con el doctor Iñaki Vázquez, autor del espacio de terapia online Mente en Positivo, donde ya no importa donde estés para cumplir su objetivo de hacer que te sientas mejor y seas más feliz. Después de más de 15 años ayudando a mejorar la vida de las personas como psicoterapeuta y como co-autor de "Y sin embargo te quiero: Claves para una buena vida en pareja", tiene mucho que aportar en el campo de las relaciones de pareja y comparte con nosotros algunos de los secretos que ha aprendido a lo largo de su trayectoria y cómo...

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Immigration, Politics, and Technology: an Interview with Maria Salamanca

entrepreneurship incubator politics tech

Below is an interview with Maria Salamanca the Community and Marketing Manager for Unshackled, a new angel fund focused on immigrant entrepreneurs. She's previously worked with some of the top names in technology and politics including the Chief of Staff for - Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates' immigration advocacy platform -- and Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. In this interview, Maria explores her motivations for her work, stories from Silicon Valley, and practical tips for recent grads and alumni.  (Transcribed by Zac Gunther) --------  Q: What do you say when asked what do you do? A: Well there are two sides of me...

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Chris Ponzi On How to Cultivate Your Creativity

Author, Artist, Activist, and Entrepreneur starts our interview listing reasons for why every individual is creative. I believe we are all creatives and we have a fundamental drive to create. It manifests in different mediums. Creating something from nothing to create a vision, the outpouring of a creative impulse. It’s a part of human nature. It drives the soul.   Some people think they aren’t creative, but it’s a false belief. This belief that some people are creative and some people aren’t is insidious and can undermine your creativity.   We are all byproducts of people we spend the most time...

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How to Be a Monster of Business and Still Keep Your Heart

How to Be a Monster of Business and Still Keep Your Heart -- the Business and Life Lessons I Learned from Miguel Hernández By Ester Ciurana When I first came to Canada and emailed Miguel Hernández (Grumo Media founder and CEO) after being a student in one of his online courses (guaranteed LOL in each video, I swear!), I couldn’t imagine how that would change my life. He don’t just answered but agreed to meet, became a mentor, giving me lots of ideas and answering all my questions. And if that’s not more than enough, he recommended me to participate in...

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How Daniel became CTO without going to school

Daniel Crompton is the CTO of Oplerno and completely self taught  Getting started in tech - I got my first computer when I was 5 and I continued messing around with it & playing with it for the next decade. I knew I loved technology immediately, and haven’t looked back since On the first business-   My first business was repairing computers. I was 17 years old, and me & my friend got together and decided to start a company. Back then, everyone was running Windows and nobody knew how to really use it. There weren’t as many manuals, troubleshooting...

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